Smt. Manoramabai Mundle College of Architecture has been approved as a Research Centre for Doctoral Studies by Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur and Council of Architecture, New Delhi. It offers Ph. D. programmes in a wide range of areas of Architecture, Planning, Urban Design, etc. The college also encourages research in interdisciplinary areas through a system of joint supervision. The medium of instruction in the college is English.

A number of activities have already have already been launched by the cell. It has four qualified supervisors for doctoral research, registered with the university.

Advisory Board

Ph.D. Supervisior

Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo

Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo is professor and Principal of W.E.S. Smt. Manoramabai Mundle College of Architecture, Nagpur. She is in the profession of teaching architecture since 1985.M’Techdegree in Urban Planning from the same institute. Her doctoral thesis was on ‘Architecture Education and Social Change’ from VNIT. She has been instrumental in starting M. Arch course in Architecture Education at Nagpur University. Understanding the ‘process in designing’ has always fascinated her. She has experimented in adopting the process in pedagogy for innovative designs and enhancing the creativity of students. Her experience and the students work is compiled in the book titled ‘Anubhuti- Horizons of experiential learning- Architecture of Bhutan.’ And ‘Eco friendly Architecture of Harsil Valley’, publications of ‘Mimansa’ the research cell of the college.She has been chairperson of Board of Studies of Architecture for three terms and has been associated with university working at various levels. She is PhD guide to research scholars at Nagpur University and at CEPT.

Dr Sheeba Valsson

Dr Sheeba Valsson is presently Principal at Shri Datta Meghe College of Architecture, Nagpur . She did her B. Arch, M. Tech. and PhD from MANIT Bhopal. Her teaching career spans for more than 20 years and She was conferred with the Best Teacher Award by MASA in 2011.Her expertise is in innovations in the field of Teaching Design, incorporating climatic studies in the design proposal with the use of sun dial, Heliodon, wind stimulator etc. She has conducted various workshops for students and teachers of Architecture.

Panel of Experts

Prof. K.B Jain

Kulbhushan Jain, architect-urbanist and conservation consultant studied and worked with Louis Kahn. He taught at CEPT University, Ahmedabad, for more than four decades and held various positions including Director, School of Architecture, and Chairman, Doctoral Programme. He has been visiting professor at MIT, Cambridge, USA; UBC, Vancouver, Canada and Polemi, Milano. He has worked as consultant to NID, Ahmedabad; INTACH, New Delhi and MMT, Jodhpur. Jain has published several books, articles and conference papers. He has been a member of several juries for national and international design competitions

Dr. Ajay Khare

Dr.Madhumita Roy

Dr. Madhumita Roy, architect-urban designer and an academician, has worked with West Bengal Housing Board (WBHB) and Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and currently professor at Jadhavpur University. She was Director, Amity School of Architecture and Planning, Amity University, Kolkata. She is member of several organizations. She is an active researcher since twenty five years. The research works are presented in International, National level conferences, seminars & published in journals, magazines, reports, etc and some of those works are implemented & still under operation in various Govt departments

Dr. Vijaylashmi Iyer


Ph.D. Coordinator

Dr. Roopal Deshpande

  • Application Form

  • List Of Scholars

    Sr. No. Name of Scholar Name of Guide Status   Title of Research
    1. Gauri Nitin Shiurkar Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo Degree Awarded Cultural Heritage : Perspective of the Past and Perspective for the Future ……… Value Based Approach  
    2. Sampada Peshwe Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo Degree Awarded Pedagogical Strategies for Creative Thinking in Architecture Design Studios  
    3. Vathsala Shrinivas Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo Thesis Submitted Spatial Parameters in Learning Spaces - to improve the performance  of the User  
    4. Sudhir Chavan Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo Degree Awarded Holistic Design in Major Healthcare Campuses & It’s Design Application  
    5. Madhura Rathod Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo Thesis Submitted An Exploration of Spatial Design IDEAS through Human Sensory Perceptions  
    6. Shilpa Sharma Prof. S. A. Deshpande Thesis Submitted Architectural Requirements of Dance Performances in Hindu Temples in India  
    7. Tarika Dagadkar Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo Thesis Submitted Regional Construction Technology Contribute to the Sustainable Development of the Region  
    8. Shubhangi Kadam Prof. S. A. Deshpande Thesis Submitted Role of Traditional Water Related Architecture in Urban Areas of India  
    9. Sujata Godbole Dr. Ravi Kumar Bhargav Thesis Submitted Impact of Urban Heat Island on city of Nagpur - Developing Strategies to reduce Urban Heat Island Effect & Improve Thermal Comfort  
    10. Manjusha Gokhale Dr. Ravi Kumar Bhargav Thesis Submitted Critical Evaluation of Stairs as a Mode of Vertical Transportation in Contemporary Public Buildings.  
    11 Mukund Athawle     Prof. S.A. Deshpande Pursuing Minor Modification in the Title As :- “Rhetoric in Architecture; searching the phenomenon of persuasive expression of the built environment”
    12 Sushma Dhepe   Dr. Sheeba Valsson Pursuing ‘A Systematic Approach towards integrating Traditional Architecture into today’s built environment’
    13 Seema Burele   Dr. Sheeba Valsson Pursuing ‘Reinvestigation & Assessment of Mud as an alternative building material for Developing Functional and Energy Efficient Design of Buildings.’
    14 Yuvraj Meshram     Prof. S.A. Deshpande Thesis Submitted ‘Role of Open Spaces in Sustainable Development – Critical Evaluation of Design Principles and Policy Guidelines.’
    15 Aparna Dudwadkar   Dr. Ravi Kumar Bhargav Thesis Submitted ‘Use of Space Syntax as a Tool to Measure & Enhance Functional Efficiency of Prime Internal Spaces in School Buildings.’
    16 Arundhati Wategave   Dr. Sheeba Valsson Thesis Submitted ‘Responsive Urban Design of the Public Realms – An approach towards Sustainable Urbanism.’
    17 Bhavna Matey   Dr. Sheeba Valsson Pursuing ‘Analysis of Traditional Building Materials in Relation to Context used for Contemporary Built Form’.
    18 Ujjwala Khot   Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo Pursuing “Critical Analysis of Architectural Influences of Indian Temple Architecture on Aghor Wat Archaeological Park, Cambodia’.
    19 Aparna Parate   Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo Pursuing ‘Understanding the Significance of Breathing Spaces in Urban Informal Spaces’.
    20 Almas Kadar Mirshikar Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo Pursuing Environmental Impact Assessment of Urban Water Bodies w.r.t. urban development of Kolhapur city.
    21 Vilas Ramteke Dr. UJwala Chakradeo Pursuing A Critical Study of MRTP ACT 1966 with Respect to Democratic Aspect of Constitution for land development
    22 Roopali Gupte Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo Pursuing Strategies to Synergize ‘Architectural Education and Resource Team’ to Culminate the success of college philosophy
    23 Manoj Parelkar Dr. Sheeba Valsson Pursuing ‘Impact of Physical Environment on Psychological Well-Being of Urban Residents’
    24 Anuradha Sachdeva Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo Pursuing Investigation and assessment of legal framework in rejuvenating the cities by Urban Redevelopment
  • Ph.D. Six monthy Review Norms

    Phd Review Norms

    1. On the review date, candidate should report at the center as per the time mentioned in the notice
    2. The sequence of the presentations will be decided as per the preference of the panel
    3. All the pending fees to be filled before the review.
    4. The duration of presentation shall not exceed 45 minutes
    5. The review sheet details to be filled by the candidate before presenting the review
    6. It is mandatory for the scholar to approve their work and presentation by their respective supervisor before appearing for the review
    7. The comments of the panel will be send to the candidate through email within one week
    8. The details of workshop/Workshops/ Conferences attended in regards to Ph.D to be informed to the center through email
    9. The call for pre-submission review to be done by the candidate through their respective guide
  • Ph.D. Pre-Submission Norms

    Phd Pre-Submission Norms

    1. Minimum six reviews to be presented before pre-submission
    2. The final permission for proceeding for pre-submission review will be by the panel of experts
    3. A notification from the guide to the center in-charge for call for pre-submission review
    4. Number of publications (National/International journals and conferences) as per the university ordinance under which the candidate is registered
    5. Complete draft report assessed by the guide to be submitted at the time of presentation
    6. One expert of the related subject to be identified by the guide and the candidate to be invited as pre-submission panel member
    7. The date of pre-submission will be finalized by the center in coordination with the expert identified
    8. One week prior to the pre-submission date, candidate will have to submit the compliance report signed by the guide to the center
    9. The duration of presentation shall not exceed 45 minutes
    10. The plagiarism software results to be presented before the panel at the time of presentation
    11. The date of pre-submission shall be minimum three months before the last date of university submission date
    12. The candidate have to incorporate the corrections suggested by the panel with due approval by the guide/ panel of experts
    13. The guide need to intimate the center regarding the corrections fulfilled by the candidate before proceeding for final submission
    14. The fee clearance and library clearance forms to be filled and submitted before appearing for the pre-submission review
  • No Due Certificate for Ph.D. Scholars

  • Ph.D. Six monthy Review Format