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If you are one of those who is not intrigued by the Architecture Courses provided by the Top 10 best colleges for architects in India and willing to move abroad, then here are a few of the programs that you may contemplate taking up.

None of the Architecture Classes in India follows a curriculum program like the Interior architecture programs in other states. The focus of both of these programs stays in the process of designing the interiors and the practical facets of the interior architecture.

Bachelor’s in Interior Architecture

This program focuses on the basics of design via classroom practice and studio work. This program acquaints the students with the dozens of variables that determine the layouts. Some of these variables are- social, physical, cultural, technical and economical. They are trained to create functional or creative designs like a commercial, medical spaces, residential, educational, etc. for various areas. The studio learning is accentuated upon as it leaves hands on experience, which adds weight to the students’ portfolio.

The software integrates technology and theory; practice required in architecture to make it a wholesome experience for the pupils. Studio subjects include design problems, human factors, and kinds of construction. Conventional issues of design are also contained.

Master’s in Interior Architecture

Master’s in Interior architecture compels the students to work on advanced issues so as to make them better professional best colleges for architects. They learn to transform their design ideas into plans so as to satisfy the needs of the inhabitant and building codes. Additionally, they acquire hands-on training via studio work. They must get the license to practice as a professional throughout the states. The tenure of this program is two years. Those people who have a Bachelor’s in Interior Architecture can apply for it.

This program has a complete curriculum which inculcates working on the conceptual design ideas so as to turn them into actual designs. They learn to consider user needs, cost, construction standards, constraints, and codes.

Also, they acquire an understanding of what all variables impact the interior designs. Some of those variables include- technology, aesthetics, and human behavior. They’re trained to take better decisions regarding creating designs; for instance, they think if the materials used are safe or not for the inhabitants. The program contains the basics of design theory along with artistic approach which supports the critical as well as creative thinking among the pupils. Studio course work accentuates the portfolio of the students which boosts their professional growth by the means of practical expertise.

The major topics included in the program are:

  • Interior stuff
  • Building codes
  • Project management
  • Building methods
  • Green and sustainable design
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