A panel discussion was conducted on 6th of July 2017 for the students of Fourth Year Seventh Semester students. Eminent personalities from various fields participated in the panel discussion. The panelists included Ar. Vikram Hundekar (Pune), Ar. Dilip Jade (Akola), Dr. Milind Apte (Psychologist, Nagpur), Mr. Gurdeep Singh Kapoor (Artist), Ar. Aparna Parate and Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo.

The topic of discussion was a precursor to a design studio project for semester VII of B. Arch course of SMMCA. Nagpur. The studio project is titled as ‘Art in Architecture – A centre for Higher Learning’. It is a very unique projects where there is hardly any precedence to look upto.

It was a very fruitful discussion which helped the students a lot in their understanding of the design studio, and it also helped them in finding a direction to proceed further.

The program was preceded by a one day workshop on the 7th July 2017 by Ar. Vikram Hundekar and Ar. Dilip Jade. The objective of the workshop was to help the students to formulate their design programs.

The event was organized by the design team – Ar. Vijay Munshi, Ar. Priya Choudhary, Ar. Anuradha Tikkas, Ar. Madhuri Thakkar, Ar. Medha Pophale, Ar. Poornima Deshpande and Ar. Priyanka Sambare.