college of architecture in maharashtra

Become an Architect in the College of Architecture in Maharashtra

If an intriguing, captivating, extreme, helpful, inventive, imaginative and future – forming profession speaks to you, then you would make an excellent architect. College of architecture in Maharashtra outline new structures, expansions or changes to existing structures and...
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colleges of architecture

Importance Of Professional Courses

  Success is the catchword nowadays, the more successful; more popular one is among the crowd. People nowadays are more excited about getting glory and fame as soon as possible. Additionally, with the globalization of the world, the need for the skilled labor is rising. The...
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Anubhuti Horizons of Experimental Learning Architecture of bhutan

ANUBHUTI – Horizons of Experiential Learning: Architecture of Bhutan

Anubhuti is the first book publication of Mimansa, the research cell of Smt. M. M. College of Architecture. It was inaugurated at the hands of the master Architect Christopher Beninger on the 25th of Oct. 2012. Anubhuti is an outcome of experimentation with experiential learning...
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The selected seminars given by the 10th semester students as part of their syllabus are published in the form of ‘Anubhuti’ and released on 8th March, on the occasion of international women’s day celebration. The output of students is based on six months of rigorous work carried...
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